Thursday, February 13, 2014

Antivirus system makes loading of project very slow

If you observe that Acinta Modeller, Datashop og Enterprise Manager take a very long time to connect to and load metadata then the cause may be an installed antivirus system.

This problem was observed at a customer that had Trend Micro antivirus running.

Just connecting to metadata (after entering login) could take several minutes.
Loading the project - well, we had better things to do.

When we turned off Trend Micro antivirus, all worked normal.


  1. Turn off the antivirus system, or the parts hereof that cause the problem, or
  2. Add the Acinta applications to the antivirus system's "White-list"
For more details about Trend Micro and how to add applications to it's white-list, follow this link:

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