Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Installing on C5 with non-standard schema (not 'dbo')

If you need to install Acinta on a C5 that has been installed with a non-standard schema then you need to make some adjustments to the installation procedure as described below.

How do I know that C5 is installed with a non-standard schema?

When you look at the C5 tables in SQL Server Management Studio you will see that all tables have a pre-fix that is different than 'dbo'.
For example, the table "SALESLINE" could look like this:

instead of this:

How do I install on a non-standard schema?

To install Acinta on such a C5 you need to follow the normal installation procedure with these extra steps:
  1. Update Index script. Before installing the indexes you must perform a search-and-replace in the index script where you replace all occurrences of 'dbo.' with the actual schema name.
  2. Rename tables in Modeller. When you open the project in Modeller initially, Modeller will start the Rename wizard because it can't find the tables it is looking for. All you have to do is to follow the instructions on the screen. For example Modeller will tell you: "The table dbo.SALESLINE no longer exists. Do you want to replace it?" and then in the list of tables below you simply select the proper replacement table - c5_supervisor.SALESLINE in this example - and click "Rename"
  3. Update Dynamic Views. You have to locate all dynamic views in Modeller's Warehouse section. Right-click on the dynamic view table's header and choose "Edit Dynamic View SQL" from the context menu. Review the SQL and make sure all table references use the correct schema prefix

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