Friday, March 30, 2012

Project takes long time to load - slow loading

Sometimes when you have installed a new project or you are opening the project from a different computer you may experience that the loading of the project is notably slow.

There are several possible causes for this problem.

Possible causes

Old version of Acinta Intelligence Suite

Check if the version of Intelligence Suite you are trying to open is up to date. If metadata was edited using a newer version then it may have stored properties that are not understood by older versions. When this happens, an error trapping mechanism is invoked that writes all the unrecognized properties to the log file. You can verify the problem by investigating the log file.

SOLUTION  Update the .exe files to a new version.

Upgrade to Acinta Intelligence Suite 2014

If you recently upgraded to Acinta Intelligence Suite 2014 from an older version then the problem may be caused by obsolete properties in metadata. I.e. properties that are no longer supported by the new version. Such properties cause internal validation errors and a lot of writing to the log-files.

SOLUTION  You must "clean" the metadata by loading the project in Modeller and run the "Repair" utility and then save the project. It is best to use the option "Save all objects" but it may take somewhat longer to process.

Slow network

A lot of metadata must be transferred over the network when Datashop, Modeller etc. opens a project. A slow network may cause this process to take a very long time. Note: Look out for wireless networks since these are notably slower than wired networks.

SOLUTION  Wire the PC to a cable or upgrade/fix problems in the (wireless) network.

Too little RAM

If the server has too little RAM to fit all the running processes inside then some memory will be mapped to disk. Since disks are multitudes slower than RAM this will inevitably lead to prolonged load times during start-up because thousands of dynamic objects are created representing metrics, dimensions, dashboards etc. This problem is typical of virtual machines where RAM is often a scarce resource to be shared across many virtual machines.

SOLUTION  Enhance the server with more RAM. If the server is a virtual machine it should be considered whether the RAM is dedicated to the server or dynamically shared. Dedicated RAM is better.

Antivirus system interference

Antivirus software such as Trend Micro may cause the project to load extremely slow due to dynamic scanning of running processes.

SOLUTION  Turn off the antivirus system or the parts hereof that cause the problem, e.g. "process scanning". Or perhaps better: Add the Acinta applications (Datashop, Modeller etc.) to the antivirus' so-called White-list to prevent the AV software from scanning these applications at run-time.

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